Q: How can I keep up to date on Suited Up Keycaps sales?

A: Subscribe to our email list here. Follow us on Instagram.  Also, click the WATCH and NOTIFY buttons in the top right corner of this page to get updates on Geekhack using the Tapatalk app or when you click on the "Watched" or "Notifications" options in the Geekhack main menu (i.e., the menu located under your username and avatar).

Q: How will sales be conducted?

A: You will enter information into a Google Form, and you will be invoiced for your order once the sale closes.  Due to overwhelming demand, you will typically be invoiced only if your order is selected in a lottery of entrants.  You will typically have 24 hours to pay the invoice or your order will be forfeited and reassigned.

Q: What's it going to cost me?

A: Specific pricing will be listed in an order form or storefront.

Q: What about shipping?

A: If not otherwise specified, shipping rates are as follows: CONUS $5, Canada $10, and INTL $15. Your bounty will also be shipped and safely sent to you in a box or bubble mailer. 

Q: How can I ask you another question?

A: Click here to email us!

Weaver's Shroud Keybuto II, Hugo, and Patriarch