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Suited Up Keycaps

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IMPORTANT: This is a group buy, and keycaps will be made to order. Please use a shipping address that will be valid all summer long!  We usually ship group buy keycaps early and have never shipped late.

These cyberdeck enhancements are ready for technointegration.  This collection of handmade artisan keycaps corresponds to GMK and SA Laser.  Choose from the options shown and from the Laser Mystery Tech keycaps, a Laser blind-box option.

Keycap Info:

Laser Mystery Tech: A random handmade artisan keycap that is compatible with at least Cherry MX stems.  The keycap can be any past sculpt, a current one, or new!  This was our most popular option in the original Cyberlink sale.

Snapjaw:  Handmade keycap compatible with Cherry MX and Topre stems.  Cyberware Snapjaw is partially shine-through translucent.

Keybuto III:  Handmade modular keycap with a random combination of mask and crest on a helmet base within the colorways shown.  Compatible with Cherry MX stems.  Cyberware Keybuto is partially shine-through translucent.

Shipped in foam-supported box with graphic art sticker.

Group Buy Info:

Opening date: 28 May 2019

Closing date: 14 June 2019

Shipping date: by 31 August 2019

All Suited Up Keycaps are made individually by hand, and therefore are subject to having small variations and imperfections from case to case.  Returns and exchanges should only be expected for products that are functionally defective on arrival.